Jennifer Kovacs, Ph.D. Agnes Scott College

Recent Presentations

The ecological effects of redlining: How is bird biodiversity affected by differences in modern urban development? 2022 ACME Faculty Seminar Series: Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA

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Evolutionary and Ecological Impacts of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Arthropods. Annual Evolution Meeting 2016: Austin, TX

2021 SpARC Undergraduate Research Day Panel on Horizontal Gene Transfer in Arthropods: Student Presentations

Using NSF’s NEON data in the undergraduate ecology classroom. Invited oral presentation.  Annual Meeting of the Association of Southeast Biologists. 2021

Increasing interactions with guest speakers in the undergraduate behavior classroom. Animal Behavior Society’s  Education Committee 2021 Mid-Year Education Workshop “Lessons from Online Teaching and Learning”

Creating ownership through creative writing: Advice columns as term papers in an upper-level Animal Behavior course.  2021 BioQuest & QUBES BIOME Institute.